I just read that Cech is reported to be out for 4 months. That’s so sad. Luckily the most of time he will be out is in summer when the season is over. Anyway I wish him the best recovery! It’s now also more likely that Courtois will be back in summer, but who really knows.

ians-mickeys said: Ahah. What if the match never ends? They go to penalties and miss none. The match will go on forever and there’ll be no winner. And since Chelsea are going to win against Atletico, they give us the trophy xD

Hahaha that’s literally the best plan ever (if I can call it a plan idk). :D There’ll be no winner, I’m laughing. Oh and I hope so much that Chelsea wins the trophy! we’ve done it before so we can do it again!

My whole dashboard is between “YEEEES” and “NOOOOOO” because of the match and I’m here just like 



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Marco during his sky post match interview :))

140329 Bundesliga 28R (VFB vs BVB)

ians-mickeys said: Me too. Yeah totally. I actually wish both teams could lose. Unfortunately, one team has to make it.

Same! haha, but I have seriously no idea who will win, I hope they could draw (in both games with the same amount of goals) but this is champions league so one team will win at least in the penalties. Nah, I just dislike both. 

ians-mickeys said: Same. I dislike both teams too. Being neutral in a football match feels nice.

Exactly!! Almost in every match I have a team that I prefer to win but now I can’t even choose which I want to win so it’s quite nice actually.

Title: Uefa Champions League Music
Artist: Merdog
Played: 593 times


Techno Remix of Champions League Anthem??

My thoughts are with the fans of Bayern and Real. Tbh I’m very happy to be a neutral fan in this match omfg.

kingcreoles asked: Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem

thanks! :)

  • the colour of my eyes, I’ve started to like it hehe
  • the colour of my hair too
"Petr Cech’s season is over. With John Terry, we’ll have to play in the (UCL) final for him to play with us again."- José Mourinho
Get well soon legends!